Dyed Colour Finish

We have invested over £100K in this post-processing equipment to bring you the very best colour parts possible as an in-house service.


3DPRINTUK was the first company in the UK to install a DM60 system from Dye Mansion. Since then we have invested well over £100K in this post-processing equipment to bring you the very best colour parts possible as an in-house service. The process produces a solid colour that does not add thickness and is more durable than a painted finish. The coloured part can be complemented by our shot peening service or a polish from our free vibro-polishing service.

• Cost-effective compared with painting
• Dimensions are not altered
• Fast process that only adds 1 day (approx), sometimes can be done same day

• More durable than paint
• The dye penetrates to 200μm
• Not affected by UV light

Colour Options

Finishing colour options: Natural White | Black | Blue | Red | Green | Yellow

Actual part size: 102mm x 102mm x 40mm

Look & Feel

All of the pictures you can see on this page are of real parts so that you can get a genuine feel for the quality of our colour finish. Our colour range has been careful chosen to achieve excellent colour consistency with minimal variation in tone. No matter how good our pictures are, you really can’t get a sense of just how good they feel in hand and our new shot peened finish takes our parts a huge jump closer to the finish of injection moulding.

In the images below we have tried to give you a closer look at the finish of our parts after each of the post processing options that we offer.

Natural Finish – Dyed Black. This is the darkest of the three finishes and the colour is very consistent across the whole part. The part regains its natural texture and the overall look is a matt black part. The only downside is that the surface of an un-polished part marks easier than parts that have been polished or shot peened. This is less visible with lighter colours (green, yellow).

Polished Finish – Dyed Black. This is the smoothest of our three finishes due to vibro-polishing, the affect of this process means that the colour is ever-so-slightly lighter than our dyed natural finish. The overall look is a matt colour and a very smooth feel.

Shot Peened Finish – Dyed Black. This finish produces a very robust, professional looking, colour part. Shot peening media melts the outside of the part which gives the part a sheen similar to an injection moulded part and really helps to make the colours pop! Shot peening leaves parts with a very slight texture but the final look and feel is very impressive.

Compared side-by-side: Natural Black | Polished Black | Shot Peened Black

Actual part size: 102mm x 102mm x 40mm


Certified and Proven Colours for High-End Manufacturing.

ISO 10933-5
ISO 10933-12

ISO-Protocol ISO/TC 194 WG 8
ISO 10933-12

Rubbing: ISO 105-X12
Washing: ISO 105-C06
Bleaching: 20105-N01
Perspiration: ISO 105-E04


ISO 105 B06



Our dye does not have any traces of carbon or conductive material.

‘Carbon’ Black refers to the colour of our finish not the material. Be aware that other brands of dye may contain carbon.


• Only available on our economy service
• SLS Flexible (PEBA) Can only be dyed in black
• Only one colour per model
• The parts are not coloured all the way through. If you cut through the dyed material, the original white nylon colour will show
• Does add to the lead time, especially if ordering express items
• Not certified for food safety
• Can be very minor variation in tone of colour from batch to batch, particularly with lighter colours (green and yellow).


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Find out more

More colours will become available in the near future. If there is a particular colour that you are interested in please email us at hello@3dprint-uk.co.uk

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