If you’re considering using 3D printing as an alternative to injection moulding, our comparison tool will be able to help you make the right choice.

With our tool, you are able to input your file dimensions to get a 3D print price estimate, as well as your injection mould tooling and unit costs. This will allow you to see what the price differences would be between the two manufacturing methods for different quantities.

Save £1000’s of pounds with additive manufacture vs injection moulding

Watch our video for a quick introduction on how to use our batch production graph and discover how Additive Manufacture can save you £1000’s of pounds on production of your parts.

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Sample 1

Camera Housing

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Sample 2

Mounted Flange

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Sample 3


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X Dimension:    25mm
Y Dimension:    25mm
Z Dimension:    25mm
Quantity Required:    1000 units
Tooling Cost:   £ 5000
Injection Moulding Unit Cost:   £ 0.50

Further ways to save money with 3D Printing

  1. Nesting parts – Our pricing structure allows you to nest multiple parts in the same STL file. If you can reduce the overall XYZ dimensions of the parts you can save money.
  2. Combining multiple parts – Complex injection moulded parts may need to be made up of a number of different items due to the constraints in the moulding process – this can mean multiple different tooling costs to make the one part. 3D printing them as one part can save on multiple tooling and assembly costs.
  3. Order what you need – there is no need to order excess stock – parts can be printed to order meaning no need for large inventories or storage of these items.
  4. Design changes on the fly – if there is a problem with the design, there is no need to re-tool, simply change the design and print from there – this saves not only the cost of re-tooling, but also the time.

Pricing Estimators

Our XYZ price estimator will allow you to work out the cost of your 3D prints through us before you have the CAD data to print from. This will help with budgeting for your project from the start. By simply inputting the X, Y and Z dimensions, you are able to get a guide price for your object.

We have a handy app for price estimation – it’s free and easy to use. It can calculate the price of your 3D print without the requirement for an STL file. This means you can find out how much your parts will cost before you even start your CAD.
The App does not work for Offset Pricing