3D Printed 23:1 Scale Loesche Coal Mill Model


Engineering projects always interest us here at 3D Print, so when our friends at LUMA-iD told us they were working on a large coal mill model for Loesche we couldn’t wait to help out.


We did a run of smaller models before we printed the large 23:1 scale model in the pictures, this was then finished and painted by LUMA and the results are spectacular!

Here is what the guys at LUMA had to say about the project.

‘As Product Designers we have been using 3D Printing (or additive manufacturing as it used to be referred as) for many years. The recent consumer interest has allowed (in general) the costs to come down substantially and knowledge and access to a lot of technologies is within anyone’s reach.
We work on many projects that utilise 3D Printing, for example product prototypes, scale models, small production runs and manufacturing jigs to name a few. We can’t show all our projects, but below are a selection of our favourites to date that we have designed.

Without doubt, this is one of the largest 3D Print commission we have worked on. This is a 500mm 1/23rd scale Coal Mill model for Loesche. We worked with their original (and very complex) CAD data to produce a model that we could 3D Print in sections and paint with ease and precision.’

Project Details

CAD Design: LUMA-iD

Material: PA2200

Polishing: Yes – the largest parts were too big for the polisher however

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Painted

Project cost: £3,000 + Painting time