3D Printed CAT Scan


These fantastically accurate models of a rib cage and set of lungs were printed for the London based artist Dave Farman.



Initially the 3D model came from a CAT scan. This was then scaled down and converted into an STL file before being sent across to us.

Printing internal and external body parts from a CAT scan is a great example of the possibilities of rapid prototyping, allowing a cheap and accurate way of creating detailed, durable bespoke 3D objects.

‘Hi Nick (3DPRINTUK), ‘Thanks so much for the prints – I can’t believe how good they look! I have had these ideas and files for such a long time – to finally see them printed is a little surreal. I know who to bring my full body skeleton print to!’
“I can’t say a big enough thank you to Nick @ 3DPRINTUK. When other companies turned me down saying, ‘These files/images are too complicated to print’, 3dprint-uk jumped at the opportunity! Super friendly, super quick and a super professional service. I couldn’t have ask for more, they have truly brought my artwork to life.”
NOTE: The original files were sent to us in DIECOM format – we offer a conversion for this file type into STL format. Please get in touch with any requests.

Project Details

CAD Design: MRI Scans

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Natural

Project cost: NA