Golden Antler Hair Clip for the House of Fraser Christmas Ad


A fun little Express turnaround project to create a prop for the advert shoot. Fun fact – the finishing and the filming happened on the same day!


Our Express turnaround was pushed to it’s maximum for this job where we were asked how quickly we could produce a set of small props for a video shoot in September.

The client required a set of copies of the antler hair clip to be replicated and finished to look like the originals. Our task was to get them 3D modeled, 3D printed and painted in just under 3 days.

We produced 10 pairs of the antlers, modeling them around a rough 3D scan and then 3D printing them on a short Express build. They were then broken out from the build, vibro-polished for 4 hours and then painted in a bright and glossy gold.

The actual hair clips (pictured left) appear to be in production now as they are available to purchase online and in store, but our CAD was only used for the props and not the final product so we aren’t laying claim to those!

Project Details


Materials: PA2200 Nylon,

Polishing: Yes

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Advanced Finishing, Metal Effect

Project Cost: Not Disclosed