3D Printed Heads for the Launch of EA Sports FIFA 15


You’ll recognise the players, so now let’s tell you the story…



We were approached by sports and entertainment PR agency Clifford French to 3D print some Premier League footballers heads for the press launch of EA Sports FIFA 15.

EA Sports wanted the model heads to show off the incredible likenesses achieved on over 200 in game Premier League players using 3D scanning technology. Each of the players printed heads were then painted by two top model painters.

We printed the heads of four Premier League stars – Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen, Man City’s Sergio Aguero and, of course, Liverpool’s Ricky Lambert.

Project Details

CAD Design: Scans by EA Sports and Partners

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Painted – Outsourced

Project cost: £1000 per head