The 3DPRINTUK 3D Printed TCT Show Quadcopter


Back in 2013 when Tom was just a fresh faced intern, we set him the challenge of designing and making a Quadcopter and have it flying before the end of the show…


The TCT show is always great, and the 2013 event was no exception. We had a smashing week at the NEC and giving Tom the Quadcopter brief added something different for us to run alongside the usual meeting hundreds of people and giving talks and lectures.

He managed to get the design finished up in a few evenings, including all the calculations for the centre of gravity and weight… and even managed to get some branding in there! He definitely passed his initiation with flying colours!!

Project Details

CAD Design: TomGaw (3DPRINTUK)

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: No

Project cost: £40