Building your model in a number parts can both save cost and give a great result. Here’s an example of a promotional Bluetooth speaker that combines multiple parts and finishes to produce a great result.


Produced as a promotional item to take into production, this speaker was designed to be easily editable for injection moulding. The inner casings were drafted to include space for threaded inserts – this is a far superior way of adding a thread than Cadding it into the design. On completion the parts slotted together beautifully and were screwed tight with countersunk Allen screws for a stylish and robust look.

The SLT file was beautifully nested, meaning that this speaker was to be produced at a cost of £25 per unit, meaning that it would be possible to produce 400 of these before injection moulding were to become a more viable option. Only 50 were required, meaning that there was a total saving of over £9,000 over traditional manufacture methods at that quantity.

Project Details

CAD Design: In house at 3DPRINTUK
Material: Nylon
Polishing: Yes
Dyeing: Part
Finishing: Screw inserts for assembly
Project cost:  £1,250 for 50 units (Printing only)