Aerobotix – Ariel Drones


Take a look here at the Aerobotix show reel, to see some of the fantastic footage that has been captured using the drone cameras that we helped produce.


Aerobotix are the best as they have really listened to how to work their product with our pricing structure. They have placed the inner and outer shell close together to bring down the overall XYZ dimensions, whilst still leaving enough space between the faces to stop any fusing of the parts. They have then placed the smaller pieces inside of the box, making them effectively free.


“Aerobotix Specialise in Aerial UAV (Drone Filming) and handheld Camera Stabilisation systems. We use 3D print UK quite alot to print our Electronic Motor controller board cases and IMU boxes. We sell to cameramen across the world and like to make sure we have a strong and versatile design to be able to go from the Arctic to the rainforests of Borneo.”

Project Details

CAD Design: Aerobotix

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Plastidip

Project cost: N/A