Aleksandrina Rizova 3D Printed Table Legs


This project attracted attention online, with articles written about the process and design of the table. Its pretty easy to see why it was so popular!


A while back we were asked to print out some test patterns for Aleksandrina Rizova. She then came back to us with a plan to 3D print table legs for her design piece. As we are normally more focussed on engineering, we were a little dubious, but the final results were really impressive.

Aleks has done an amazing job with her design and with a little input from us, has created a really stunning piece. Despite the mesh only being a few mm’s in size, the amount of supporting material gives the piece enough strength to hold up the solid piece of wood that has been laid on top.

The look of the piece and the detail/complexity of the mesh could only really be achieved in the time frame and budget with 3D printing.

Project Details

CAD Design: Aleksandrina Rizova

Material: PA2200


Dyeing: No

Finishing: Aleksandrina Rizova

Project cost: £2000+