Chase Cars


What can do you do when you finally get bored of slot cars you can buy off the shelf? 3D printing offers a super range of customization on models and toys.


These Chase Car’s are made to slip and slide around the track like a 70’s car chase with as much body roll as possible, sometimes its good to do things a little differently.

What was great about these is the way they were nested during printing, Gareth really knows his stuff and made our job here so much simpler.

Because he managed to stack all of the chassis and components into one efficient nest his print cost under £200 using our XYZ pricing structure. Using other 3D print stores could have cost around  £450

Click here to have a look at the Chase Cars website and watch the video to see them in action.

Project Details

CAD Design: Chase Cars

Material: PA2200 Nylon

Polishing: None

Dyeing: None

Finishing: Painted

Project Cost: £200