Based in Burnley, CPACK is a UK based specialist packaging machine systems manufacturer with over 30 years experience. CPACK have embraced capabilities of additive manufacture(AM); to reduce part costs while maintaining their same high standards and using AM to overcome some of the limitations of traditional manufacture.

“We use SLS printing services when parts are too complex or too costly to manufacture using traditional methods. The flexibility and level of detail possible with SLS printing is unmatched for the price.


3DPRINTUK have provided excellent support to our technical and purchasing staff, and using their website to quickly quote parts couldn’t be easier.”

CPACK is a specialist packaging machine systems manufacturer. Based in Burnley their production facility is home to a team of designers, programmers and sales staff all focused on delivering outstanding machines and customer service.

CPACK’s senior management team boasts decades of combined experience in the packaging machinery industry. Their main area of business is supplying clientele with packaging machinery for purchase, rental or contract hire depending on their space, budget and project requirements.

Before choosing to work with us, CPACK have had previous experience with additive manufacture but found the cost to be far too expensive from other suppliers. Having spoken to them about their experience we were certain we could help bring down some of their part costs and deliver a standard of part that would exceed their expectations of additive manufacture.

Working with their team, we were able to demonstrate how they could take advantage of our pricing system; by breaking down larger parts into smaller pieces(ready to assemble post print) and how to nest parts together which has even more potential for generating a cost saving. Nesting works by filling unused space around larger parts or by arranging parts to take up a smaller space within our printers. By nesting parts, it meant that in some cases CPACK could get two parts for the price of one.

We are very proud to work CPACK, a highly respected company within the packaging sector. And we’re extremely happy that we were able to meet their high standards and deliver on the promises we made to save on part production costs.

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Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by CPACK
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: YES
Dyeing: YES
Finishing: N/A
Dimensions(mm): Finished item made up of a number of parts
Project cost: Non-Disclosure

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