FIH 2015 Hockey World League Trophy


We are very proud to share what are probably the coolest bespoke models we have created to date – the actual trophies for the Men’s and Women’s Hockey World League Finals 2015.

We believe they are the first 3D printed trophies for a major world sporting event!


The trophy design features two wings symbolising the 2 teams progressing through the rounds of the tournament, meeting at the top for the final.

Plectrums in the shape of the FIH logo show the rounds and the organic shape of the wings reflect the energy and constant movement of Field Hockey.

“There can only be one winner” is embraced by one of the wings finishing higher than the other.

A gold leaf word map on the top plectrum symbolises that the winning team has just taken on the rest of the world’s best and won.

The Men’s and Women’s trophies are exactly the same embracing equality in sport.


The finished trophies are the result of combining all of our skills and services, from concept design to finishing. The final build really challenged us to introduce materials and processes outside of 3D printing.

The FIH requested a trophy that had the wow factor to commemorate their 40th world cup and excited to see what could be achieved by moving away from more traditional trophy making techniques.

All of the design work was completed by our in house CAD team and the impressive wings were then printed in PA2200 Nylon on our EOS SLS machines. To finish, the trophies were primed and prepped to a super smooth shine ready for our premium mirror chrome gold.

The walnut bases were milled to perfection by Russell Scientific Instruments and, as ever, the acrylic and walnut plectrum layers were cut by Chris at Lasercut London. A big thank you to the guys at Axion Furniture for all their help.

In addition to the trophy design we were also asked to design the plinth for the trophy keeping within the FIH event branding. We chose a simple graphic solution to enhanced our design concept for the trophy.

Project Details


Materials: 3D print – PA2200 Nylon,

Base and Plectrums – American Black Walnut

White Plectrums – Acrylic

Polishing: Yes

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Gold Chroming, Gold Leaf

Project cost: Not Disclosed