FreeFly VR Goggles


Available now is the final product of a set of VR goggles we have worked on with our friends at Luma-ID for over 18 months. We helped them take the concept through the entire prototype stage all the way to production with the amazing smart phone enabled VR headset.


This is a great lesson to all on how to take in idea from initial concept all the way to production. Luma-ID have produced a world class virtual reality product over months and months of iteration after iteration to get to their final product.

Having tried a number of different smartphone specific VR headsets, we can honestly say this one is second to none, a truly professional job where nothing but perfection was allowed into the final product.

We produced nearly all the prototypes for Luma from the initial proof of concept right up to the final tweaks few days before it went into production.

Luma took full advantage of our pricing structure by nesting their smaller parts inside the main body of the file making the total cost for all the 43 parts £200 + vat. (exc. lens, springs and strap)

Project Details

CAD Design: Luma-ID

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Natural and Painted

Project cost: £150-250 per full print