Ian’s 3D Printed Aston Martin wheels


Ian came to us and asked if we could 3D print some wheels he’d designed to complete his 1/8th scale Aston Martin model. The wheels that had been supplied weren’t good quality, he needed better and we were happy to help out!


Even though this was Ian’s first attempt at CAD modelling, he did a good job. The wheels were not only perfectly dimensionally accurate, but detailed and strong too

The four thin wire wheels needed to support 4.5 kg, but he managed to suspend a 13 pound cup on the thin spokes without it breaking or deforming.

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the work you did on the wheels, like most people I was a bit sceptical about the process of doing such detail on such a small item. But when I opened the box today man I was blown away with the way they looked I could not have asked for a better result from you guys and the help on the phone and via email was excellent. To anyone that is think is about doing this the only think holding you back is your imagination got an idea go with it. I did these as the wheels that were supplied with the model car I was building were incorrect, so I tried doing a 3d cad drawing and then found Nick and his team and I ended up with really excellent item.

Thank you Nick and the team I will be back for more. 

Please note that the tyre is NOT 3D printed!

Project Details

CAD Design: Ian Ratliff

Material: PA2200 Nylon

Polishing: None

Dyeing: None

Finishing: Painted

Project Cost: £30 per set