KAZbrella – Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella


With precise engineering and some reverse thinking, aeronautical engineer, Jenan Kazim has reinvented the flawed 3000 year old umbrella design, to create the KAZbrella. This is the way umbrellas should have been:


The KAZbrella opens and closes inside out. Therefore, when closed the wet surface is sealed on the inside, creating a drip free umbrella! This results in less wet floors, less wet trouser legs caused by carrying your used dripping umbrella and less people fed up of those rainy days!

The KAZbrella can easily be opened and closed in small spaces such as when getting in and out of a car. Thus, you no longer need to close your umbrella, leaving yourself exposed to the rain, before entering a car.

And because it opens up and over the user it also avoids poking people in the eye!

The engineering behind the KAZbrella is so precise that every millimetre in the design has been considered to ensure it operates beautifully. Using 3Dprint-UK we were able to develop our prototypes making small refinements each time. We then sprayed the 3D printed parts black so our prototype started looking like the real deal!’


This print worked brilliantly and shows how perfect SLS printing can be for prototyping your ideas in an affordable but accurate way with a short lead time. This is a great product and it’s already shaping up well on it’s Kickstarter journey. We hope to be printing many more parts for Jenan and co in the future!

Project Details

CAD Design: KAZbrella 

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Natural and Painted

Project cost: From minimum order to £200 per set