Keiichi Matsuda’s ‘Hyper-Reality’ Stereoscopic Gopro Hero 3D capturer


Keiichi Matsuda actually had these parts designed by us and printed in under one week as he required them before heading over to Colombia to complete his filming for Kickstarter project “Hyper-Reality.”


A link show casing the 3D printed brackets can be found here. A real example of teamwork between creator, designer and maker.

They were made in 3 different sizes for shooting various types of scene (stereo bases of 55, 70, and 140mm if anyone is interested). They work flawlessly with the existing GoPro system, so it means we can use them with the really wide range of mounts and accessories already available.

Keiichi says “I will be open-sourcing these designs, so anyone will be able to download and 3D print them. We are just working on a smaller (45mm) version to replace the 55mm one above, so I will release all the designs when that one is ready and has been tested. ”

Project Details


Material: PA2200 Nylon

Polishing: None

Dyeing: None

Finishing: None

Project Cost: Not Disclosed