The Loopa enables vocalists, from beginner to pro, to record and loop their voice using just a handheld microphone. Previously looping has been done using footpedals and footswitches, or using digital recording software. Now the control is at your fingertips – more intuitive, more musical, and more fun for vocalists.


In January 2016, at The NAMM Show, Los Angeles, USA, the first Loopa prototypes were shown. These were mostly printed on a Wanhao Duplicator 4S desktop FDM machine, with a few detailed parts made by 3DPRINTUK’s SLS printing service. For the second-generation prototypes, 3DPRINTUK produced most of the parts with the exception of the “light ring” which was printed using Formfutura ClearScent ABS and the Wanhao Duplicator 4S.

Dr James Clark, Sonuus CEO, explains “Our Wanhao printer has been a fantastic asset, allowing us to experiment on every part of the design to really optimise it. On the first prototypes we used 3DPRINTUK for the control panel and battery door because we needed a level of detail FDM couldn’t produce. The vibro-polishing and black dyeing that 3DPRINTUK offers are amazing — it looks so close to injection molding! So good in fact, we used this for nearly every part of our subsequent prototypes.”

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Project Details

CAD Design: Sonuus
Material: SLS Nylon as well as some FDM printed parts – done by Sonuus
Polishing: Yes
Dyeing: Yes
Finishing: Assembly and install of the ‘Light band’ all done by Sonuus
Project cost:  Print cost around £150