Luna by Ollie Perretta

Luna is a health monitoring device aimed towards the NHS nursing workforce. The design aims to combat the current issue of nurse fatigue through mobile ECG technology, vigilance & sleep quality control.

Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by Ollie Peretta
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: Yes
Dyeing: No
Finishing: All finishing by Ollie Peretta
Project cost: £141.23 + vat

Initial research into current issues within the NHS and interviews with directors of the NHS workplace health &ehtics department indicated a problem whereby nurses and medical staff are suffering from long term health issues. Further exploration into the problem highlighted how there has been an increase in hospital related incidents, medical errors, workforce inefficiency, patient dissatisfaction and drowsy driving due to nurse fatigue & poor sleep quality. To add to the issue, hospital policies do not allow nurses to utilize modern day health monitoring technologies to keep track of their personal body data in the workplace.

How it works

The Luna product suite is split into two devices that aims to offer the NHS a new system to monitor their workforce, improve schedule efficiency and collect essential body data with the permission of the user. The main USP of the device is a redesign of the nurses traditional fob watch that hangs from the uniform. The fob watch integrates BMD101 nuerosky ECG technology. ECG electrodes on the back of the watch enable nurses and healthcare professionals to intuitively record ECG through their fingertips. This becomes habitual with long term use of the watch, a device they would interact with during every shift. After several readings, the ECG technology is able to determine bio-metric data such as Heart rate variability, Respiration rate, Heart Rate, Heart Age, Fatigue, Mood, Stress and Vigilance. An induction charging base and biofeedback device inspired by ‘Florence Nightingales’ lantern aims to improve sleep quality control through sound and light therapy.


The unique selling point of the Luna device is the redesign of the nurses unfiorm fob watch. Nurses spend so much time caring for others, they often jeopardize their own well being. Current healthcare brands such as Philips, Fitbit, Apple & Samsung all dominate the market for personal healthcare monitoring through wrist worn wearable’s, utilizing PPG technology. The issue is that healthcare professionals cannot wear these devices on the wrist during their shifts due to cross contamination, bacteria build up and patient safety. The Luna watch is the first device of its kind aimed towards a market who need the technology now more than ever. The watch itself is a simple solution to a large problem in the NHS. Furthermore, application of ECG technology in a mobile device is an emerging market. ECG offers accurate and in depth readings that are far more useful & accurate than those provided by current healthcare brands