Sam Abbotts Amazing 3D Printed Skateboard


Please note that whilst the board is ride-able, its more an art piece. It hasn’t got the strength and pop of a good old 9 ply Canadian maple deck. We’re not saying that we’re becoming the first company to manufacture 3D printed skateboards. That would be silly.


Sam Abbott is a very skilled designer, he won our competition co-hosted with CGTrader last month. Sam won the best portfolio category because of his plethora of fantastic designs.

We had a few weeks of fun making his skateboard. Because the board is longer than our build tray we couldn’t fit it into one build. Instead we cut it up into 3 sections and joined it together with connector pins ensuring accuracy and giving it some strength over a simple butt joint.

The final result… the worlds first 3d printed twin tip skateboard! Ride-able, but don’t drop down many sets of stairs on it just yet!

Project Details

CAD Design: Sam Abbott

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: Only the board was printed, grip tape was used for the top of the deck and metal skateboarding trucks are used to connect the wheels which weren’t printed either.

Project cost: £600