This piece was commissioned by acclaimed artist Christian Furr. He was asked, along with a few other international artists, to provide a piece to auction off in support of the charity ‘Save Wild Tigers‘.


We were provided with the STL files to work from by Christian and we were then given the task of cutting up and fitting a 450 x 450 x 450 mm’s head inside our build volumes.

Once the pieces came out of the builds we then had to pass this across to our finishing team who spent hours, piecing the head together and filling all of the resulting join lines. This was not an easy task as by request of the designer the head was to be sent to Astra Chrome solutions, who offer a chroming effect on plastic parts. This meant that the head had to be smooth and blemish free, as the highly reflective nature of Chrome means that any of these defects would have shown up. Especially with the addition of the neon lighting used for the tongue.

As you can see from the final results, they did well. A lot of effort went into this project, and we we’re really enjoyed getting to work for a Charity with a goal such as this one.

Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by Christian Furr
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: No – only as the parts were too big for the polisher
Dyeing: No
Finishing: The parts we’re glued together, join lines filled and sanded back along with a few layers of primer. It was then shipped to Astra Chroming.
Project cost:  £4,000.00 for Printing, Prep work and Chroming