A wallet designed for additive manufacture and to look like a stealth…. could you get any cooler?


Designed specifically for 3D printing to cater for both a tech savvy street cred and bypass expensive tooling costs, the Nighthawk Wallet by Vanacci is an absolute must have card holder. The product combines high quality SLS printed parts that have been through both our free polishing service and Carbon Black dyeing service for that extra edge.

Here’s what Vanacci say: ‘Inspired by the legendary F-117 Nighthawk, this wallet is the ultimate minimalist card case. Sleek, lightweight and practical, a one piece unibody design with a fully 3D printed architecture provides rigidity and allows for the unique dynamic look of the Nighthawk. This wallet gains the tactical advantage over other card cases with the card ejector and money clip on the rear making cards easy to access and cash easy to store.’

Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by Vanacci
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: Yes
Dyeing: Yes
Finishing: None additional to polishing and dyeing
Project cost:  Not disclosed