Spiro by Vinnay Chhabildas

Industrial Design and Technology graduate, Vinnay Chhabildas has created Spiro, a child’s medical inhaler which has been designed to reduce user error and encourage use as prescribed. The device also aims to improve the child’s confidence and helps parents to monitor usage via an app.

Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by Vinnay Chhabildas
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: Yes
Dyeing: No
Finishing: All finishing by Vinnay Chhabildas
Project cost: £31.36 + vat

On placement Vinnay had been given the task of designing a variety of inhalation devices, however he quickly noticed that no child specific devices were available on the market. This idea quickly took hold and Vinnay was able to use his skills and experience to create Spiro as his final year project.

The Problem

1.1 million children suffer with asthma in the UK and require drug inhalation as treatment. To ensure a proper dose has been taken a specific technique is required for effective asthma treatment. Children often struggle to maintain the correct inhalation technique required often resulting in wasted doses. This in turn raises health care expenditure that could easily be avoided if proper inhalation was taught and monitored.

The User

Children aged between 5 -17 who are responsible for their asthma treatment. An estimated 40% of asthmatic children have poor compliance with their inhalers even with spacers.

The Insight

Electronic barometric pressure sensing can accurately measure inhalation technique in children, so parents and medical staff can use data to assess correct inhalation technique.

The opportunity

To create a device that utilises electronic barometric pressure sensing connected to a mobile application to enable stakeholders to remotely monitor correct inhalation technique. This offers young asthma sufferers a complete management solution instead of just an inhaler.

The scenario

The scenario has been broken down into 8 simple self guided steps. The design reduces the actuation force and allows the child to intuitively actuate the device using a multi-directional sleeve. The mouthpiece folds out for improved lip seal ready for inhalation. The use of haptic feedback patterns helps the child maintain the correct compliance. After inhalation the child can fold down the mouthpiece and twist the cap for storage.

The Application

The Spiro application allows parents to monitor daily inhalations as well as weekly and monthly progress. This allows them to determine whether or not any issues are due to poor inhalation so they do not waste valuable nurse or doctor time. Additionally, the application provides a clear demonstration of how Spiro should be used, so they do not need further demonstration from medical professionals.



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