XYZ Price Estimator

Get a rough quote for your part before you even start designing.

Welcome to 3DPRINTUK’s print cost estimator. Here you will be able to work out the cost of your 3D prints through us before you have the CAD data to print from. This will help with budgeting for your project from the start. By simply inputting the X, Y and Z dimensions, you are able to get a guide price for your part(s). 

How to use:

  1. Use the sliders to put in the X, Y and Z dimensions of the bounding box of your STL file. If you don’t have an STL file, you can measure the part you would like. The dimensions would be for the maximum X, Y and Z dimensions of the imaginary box that it would fit into.
  2. Select how many parts are in the STL file.
  3. Select the quantity you would like – the price will automatically adjust including any discounts.
  4. You can then save the estimate to a list.
  5. Once you have all the estimates saved, you can save them as a pdf by clicking the button at the bottom right.

We also have a mobile app version for estimates on the go as well as an injection mould price comparison tool for low volume production.

Economy: 7-12 working days

Our standard service. Your order joins the back of our print queue and typically takes 7-12 working days from start to finish.

Express: 2-4 working days

Our premium service with fast turnaround. Your order joins the front of our print queue and typically takes 2-4 working days from start to finish.

X Dimension: (mm)
Y Dimension: (mm)
Z Dimension: (mm)

Cost Per Part:
Part Total:
£ .

£ .

£ .

£ .

7-12 working days
2-4 working days
File Name X(mm) Y(mm) Z(mm) Bodies Quantity Polishing Dye Black Unit Cost Total Unit Cost Total
+ Add Row
5.00 10.00
Minimum Order £40 + Shipping Subtotal excluding VAT
VAT 20%
Total GBP

Pricing Estimators

Our low volume pricing estimator shows the point at which injection moulding becomes a more suitable method of production based on the quantity you require and the size of your part. If you’ve previously had a quote for injection moulding, enter the details in the estimator below and see how much additive manufacture can save you in part costs.

We have a handy app for price estimation – it’s free and easy to use. It can calculate the price of your 3D print without the requirement for an STL file. This means you can find out how much your parts will cost before you even start your CAD.
The App does not work for Offset Pricing