Ordering from 3DPRINTUK you are buying more than plastic parts….

… you are also getting our experience and expertise built in, which guarantees you get real value for money. Add to that our professional team, who will work for you as if they were part of your company.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of 3D printing companies out there offering various different services. Understanding what we do and why we do it is essential for choosing a manufacturing partner and determining how to get the best deals for the best quality parts.



For prototyping applications 3D printing is invariably the fastest, cheapest and most effective way of iterating and proving a design. We can support you with all of your physical prototyping needs, including advice on how to orient the part(s) during build to improve mechanical properties and overall functionality. We also offer a range of post-processing services for our clients, to improve the aesthetic look and feel of parts, if the natural finish of parts produced using powder bed fusion (PBF) processes is not what you require.

3D printing continues to prove itself as a legitimate option for the manufacture of parts — alongside more traditional routes. However, whether AM is the best option for your parts comes down to the application at hand and the quantity required.

Using 3D printing via a trusted and reliable supplier, such as 3DPRINTUK, can be the key to successful outcomes for companies that are not able or not ready to bring industrial 3D printing capabilities in-house. We pride ourselves on the trust our clients place in us and the reliable service that we can provide. This is because 3DPRINTUK carries out all its own work, in-house, on our own machines that are maintained and run by our highly trained staff. We are not an anonymous print quote farm and we do not sub-contract any jobs.


With more than 9 years of experience dedicated to 3D printing polymer parts with industrial PBF processes, at 3DPRINTUK we understand precisely how the process works, where it works best and how to generate the most robust and accurate parts consistently and reliably for batch production applications. This means we can accommodate production runs of up to tens of thousands of parts, on demand.

All of the printing itself is supported by custom built software for that provides full digital inventory. Every 3DPRINTUK client has a part catalog, which they can manage to make the process of ordering parts on demand as simple and efficient as possible.

When you order from us, we strive to ensure that you get the best possible prices via our pricing structure, which can accommodate fast turnaround times with our Express service or the same high quality parts at a more economical price, with a longer lead time. The added value comes from knowing that when you hold an accurate, well-made part printed by 3DPRINTUK it has years of experience built into it.

The experience really matters, because although we work with some of the very best PBF 3D printing systems on the market, understanding them to their very core is what ensures we get the best parts out of them every time we run them. Consistency is at the heart of everything we do.

We know how to maximize their capacity without overloading them, both in terms of orientation and part nesting — ensuring a consistent density that does not affect the print run but is highly efficient. Powder handling is also key to the printing process and the parts that come out the machine. We always mix our own powders to exacting standards to achieve consistent results every time. And while system manufacturers recommend annual calibration of the machines – we do it every few weeks, because, you guessed it — this produces consistent, repeatable and high quality parts.

We have been committed to building and maintaining a brand that is trustworthy, that represents outstanding quality using AM and our customer service is awesome.

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