3D Printed Prototypes

If you are making prototypes, you’re probably aware that SLS 3D printing is quite possibly the best way to make and test your designs. Unfortunately, having an in house SLS printer is an expensive luxury that most businesses can’t afford… This is where we can help.

prototypes 3DPRINTUK

Why 3DPRINTUK? We specialise in SLS printing technology only for our prints to ensure the highest possible standard of finished product. The huge investment we have made is our machines means that you get high quality, accurate and incredibly strong prototypes time and time again. With years of experience behind us, having printed over 1 million models, you are guaranteed fantastic service.

Confidentiality? In the business of prototypes, we understand that confidentiality can be very important. Rest assured that from the point of first contact we’ve got you covered as part of our standard T&C.

Regardless, if you have your own NDA that you would like us to sign, no problem! Send it over to us and we’ll be happy to do so.

We know people who can! Although we are focused on production, in the case where you need something a little special or a service that we do not offer, please ask us. Over the years we have gathered a collection of contacts who have a proven track record for SLS design and finishing. Email or call us to discuss your project and we will do all we can to help you get what you need!

We have a minimum order of only £40 + vat + delivery

If your part falls under our minimum you are welcome to up your quantity or add an additional model to your order.

Services We Offer:

Design and Drafting

CAD for prototypes – In order for us to concentrate on the quality of our production service we have partnered with LUMA-ID to handle all of our general CAD and prototype CAD projects. Luma-ID are product and industrial designers with specialist knowledge of our 3D printing service. Having taken products to market after prototyping using our SLS prints, LUMA are highly likely to get your job right without many costly amendments. Contact Luma now to get your project started!

CAD for production Runs – If you require CAD for a large production run with a total project cost of £4K+ we will do the CAD for you free of charge.

3D Printing

With our industry leading EOS SLS machines, you know you’ll be getting some of the best quality parts money can buy. For prototyping and low volume batch production SLS is regarded as a far superior technology to FDM, Polyjet and SLA due to its high accuracy, robust material and comparatively low cost.

Rather than being a jack of all trades, we specialise in one material only, Nylon (PA2200). Having printed more than a million models with it, our knowledge of how this material works and behaves is second to none.

Polishing & Carbon Black

We offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The vibro-polishing process smooths the surfaces of parts and gives them a near injection molded feel.

The polishing in essence compacts the slightly powdery outer layer to leave a much smoother and more usable finish without dramatically compromising the dimensions of the part. We ourselves are always fascinated about how good the resultant finish is and highly recommend that you use it for your prototype.

If you have an .stl file upload it now for a free, immediate, no commitment quote!

If you feel we may be able to help with your project then please feel free to contact us for a quote. Our new Uploading System takes the price breaks into consideration and is the fastest way to get a quote for your project.

If you want us to take a look at your model before it gets printed you also have the option of requesting a manual review within office hours.

Prototype to Production

Unfortunately, due to Non-disclosure, we can’t show you most of the parts we produce. But here are some examples of products that started life as one of our SLS prototypes and went on to mass production using either full injection mould or other method of manufacture.