3D Printed Prototypes

High quality polymer prototypes drive fast and efficient product development

Don’t let your ideas
remain ideas!

“What we like about 3DPRINTUK and the parts they produce is the strength and resilience of the material. This is vital for market testing of functional prototypes.”

Graham England, Rogue Product 

Confidentiality? In the business of prototypes, we understand that confidentiality can be very important. Rest assured that from the point of first contact we’ve got you covered as part of our standard T&C.

Regardless, if you have your own NDA that you would like us to sign, no problem! Send it over to us and we’ll be happy to do so.

We know people who can! Although we are focused on production, in the case where you need something a little special or a service that we do not offer, please ask us. Over the years we have gathered a collection of contacts who have a proven track record for SLS design and finishing. Email or call us to discuss your project and we will do all we can to help you get what you need!

We have a minimum order of only £40 + vat + delivery

If your part falls under our minimum you are welcome to up your quantity or add an additional model to your order.

Services We Offer:

3D Printing

With our industry leading EOS SLS machines, you know you’ll be getting some of the best quality parts money can buy. For prototyping and low volume batch production SLS is regarded as a far superior technology to FDM, Polyjet and SLA due to its high accuracy, robust material and comparatively low cost.

For over 10 years we have been mastering the SLS printing process to produce the very best parts possible using additive manufacture. Having printed well over 2 million parts our knowledge of polymer powder bed fusion and the materials we use is second to none.

Colour Parts

3DPRINTUK was the first company in the UK to install a DM60 system from Dye Mansion. Since then we have invested well over £100K in this post-processing equipment to bring you the very best colour parts possible as an in-house service. The process produces a solid colour that does not add thickness and is more durable than a painted finish. The coloured part can be complemented by our shot peening service or a polish from our free vibro-polishing service.

Finishing Services

3DPRINTUK is now offering a shot peening service for low, medium, and high volumes of parts. PSS is an automated blasting process that quickly and efficiently provides a greatly improved surface finish for PA2200 SLS printed parts.

We also offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The vibro-polishing process smooths the surfaces of parts and gives them a near injection moulded feel.

If you have an .stl file upload it now for a free, immediate, no commitment quote!

If you feel we may be able to help with your project then please feel free to contact us for a quote. Our new Uploading System takes the price breaks into consideration and is the fastest way to get a quote for your project.

If you want us to take a look at your model before it gets printed you also have the option of requesting a manual review within office hours.

Prototype to Production

Unfortunately, due to Non-disclosure, we can’t show you most of the parts we produce. But here are some examples of products that started life as one of our SLS prototypes and went on to mass production using either full injection mould or other method of manufacture.