If you are making prototypes, you’re probably aware that SLS 3D printing is quite possibly the best way to make and test your designs. Unfortunately, having an in house SLS printer is a luxury that most businesses can’t afford… This is where we can help.


Services We Offer:

Design and Drafting

We understand that many of you may not have access to nor be able to use computer aided design software(CAD). To help you out, we have a highly skilled in house design team who are ready to design and build your prototype to your specification. Our team can work from as little as a description or hand drawn sketch all the way up to drafting a 3D version of a 2D engineering drawing. With the added benefit of in house printers, our designers have the advantage of knowing the machines and materials better that most meaning they are highly likely to get your job right without many costly amendments.

3D Printing

With our industry leading EOS SLS machines, you know you’ll be getting some of the best quality parts money can buy. In prototyping and low volume batch production SLS is regarded as a far superior technology to FDM, Polyjet and SLA due to it’s high accuracy, robust material and comparatively low cost.

Rather than being a jack of all trades, we specialise in one material only, Nylon (PA2200). Having printed over half a million models with it, our knowledge of how this material works and behaves is second to none.


We offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The vibro-polishing process smooths the surfaces of parts and gives them a near injection molded feel.

The polishing in essence compacts the slightly powdery outer layer to leave a much smoother and more usable finish without dramatically compromising the driven dimensions of the part. We ourselves are always fascinated about how good the resultant finish is and highly recommend that you use it for your prototype.

Prototype to Production

Most of the projects we produce we can’t show due to Non-disclosure but here at just some of the companies we are proud to work with:

Here are some examples of products that started off as SLS prototypes that went on to full injection moulded products.

Our printers

As you know, we use industry leading EOS SLS 3D printers that can produce ultra high quality and durable models that you just can’t get from desktop 3D printers.

Both our machines, the P100 and P110 Formiga machines, use OEM EOS PA2200 Nylon material at a 50/50 mix of old and new powder. We never use any other manufacturers material and we never change this mix, meaning you get the best possible results from these machines.

Lead times

EXPRESS: Need some prototypes fast? Choose out expedited service and jump to the front of the queue. 95% of our express orders are shipped out 48 hours after they are ordered.

ECONOMY: If you have a little time to spare, why not choose our economy option? This takes 8-10 working days, but is half the price with the exact same material and quality!


FREE Polishing: We offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The vibro-polishing process smooths the surfaces of parts and gives them a near injection moulded feel without compromising dimensional accuracy drastically.

Carbon Black Dyeing: Add a new dynamic to your 3D print by choosing our carbon black dyeing option.

What to send us:


If you feel we may be able to help with you project then please feel free to contact us for a quote.


  • If you have an .STL file ready to send we can give you a very accurate quote as well as accurate lead times and usually within 30 minutes during business hours.
  • Let us know the quantities of parts you’re looking to manufacture.
  • If you do not have a file ready you are welcome to send through any images or drawings of the parts you need to our design team. They can create a new design or even replicate an existing one, often within a week ready for print.


*Please note, we only do production runs in PA2200 Nylon from our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines.

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