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No Tooling Costs! – Easy design modifications – Batch production on demand

3DPRINTUK is a UK leader in 3D printed batch production runs. Our in house SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines are ideally suited to producing low volume plastic Vape Mods. The PA2200 Nylon we use is both strong and accurate, as well as affordable, making it a perfect application for your batch production needs.

Need a refundable test sample first?

No problem… We understand that you will want to test your part before committing to a production run and may not want to pay our minimum order (£40+vat). Once the full order goes ahead we will happily refund the cost of your sample. T&Cs apply.

Alternatively, if you’d like examples of our material and the finishes we offer, why not order our Sample Packs?

Nest additional parts to save on print costs

If you have more than one part in your design try to nest them within your mod design and get that part printed for free. To learn more about how to save money on your print runs, see our page on Nesting Parts.

Batch production on demand

With NO need to order 1000’s of units up front you can order in response to the demand for your product

The average price of a simple case, cover and button is only around £10.00.

Price Break Discounts

50+ Units

100+ Units

200+ Units

* Price breaks apply to Manual Uploads only.

Stay ahead of the game!
Join our clients who have already discovered the benefits of batch production runs with 3DPRINTUK

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Do you require a design service?

If you have a concept in mind or you have the design drawn up on paper contact Luma-ID who specialise in product design for 3D printing. Luma are a great team who will be happy to help you start your production journey.

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If you have an STL file – Great! Upload it onto our system for an immediate quote.
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