The Team

Nick Allen – Director

Nick set up the company in early 2011, just before the big 3D printing boom. He’s a trained product designer who founded the company to bring a friendly and trustworthy face to the UK 3D printing industry, and is quite a skeptic of his own field and will not sell you something if he thinks you can get it done better elsewhere! Having worked with the machinery day in and day out, Nick has developed an unparalleled knowledge of his machines and his industry!

3D printing is the best tool for product development and low volume production, I love it, and think it has massive potential to change a lot of things, but honestly feel that it is over hyped by the media… but don’t let this put you off – it’s still super-awesome, I wouldn’t have worked my b***s (cotton socks) off if I didn’t believe in it!

Fred Standeven

Fred is our problem solver. Since joining us in 2013, he has had a number of roles in the company from CAD designer to printer engineer. But since our move to batch manufacturing and automation, Fred has become a key member of our software development team. He is forever creating solutions to further refine our quoting, printing, post processing and sorting systems.

I was introduced to 3D printing during my degree where I was given the opportunity to experiment with the technology. It was the hype that drew me in and I was determined to incorporate it into my studies. Since joining 3DPRINTUK, I’ve met a huge amount of designers and engineers that use the printers in very innovative ways. I still believe 3D printing is an incredible technology but I do think the genius lies with the designer who is able to use it to their advantage to overcome manufacturing and mechanical challenges.

Connor Smith

Connor joined the team in 2013, he started as an intern with no previous experience of 3D printing but had an attitude that stood out above the rest. His previous experience with mechanical applications and with a very hands-on approach to work meant that he fitted into the early workshop environment well. He now manages the day to day running of the company, providing technical support to clients and overseeing the larger projects for the company. Connor also manages the newest members of the team to bring them up to 3DPRINTUK’s high-quality standard.

My background is a little different to the others, I started out my working career running my own Tree Surgery company, but became inspired by the use of 3D printing in the medical field. My passion however has always been mechanics and actually making things, after realising that I needed to be a doctor to be involved with that sector, I started exploring other uses of the industry. It was here at 3DPRINTUK that I realised the sheer number of applications for the technology.

Jason Pereira

Jason heads all things creative at 3DPRINTUK. His background in graphic design and marketing made him an ideal addition to the team to help us to grow for years to come. We’ve nicknamed him ‘sensai’ due to his 27 years martial arts training.

I was looking for a change in career as I had been a graphic/web designer for 10+ years previous to joining 3DPRINTUK. I went along to the 3DPrintShow where I saw first hand the potential of additive manufacture – it completely blew my mind. Having always loved making things, prototyping and modelling – I had to get into the world of AM.

Chris Owen

Chris started at the same time as Jason and the two of them made such a great team that we had to get them both on board. He’s our Systems Manager, developing our front and back end systems to make us more efficient and to create a better experience for our customers to use. He also works on the web side of things as well as lending a hand to our customer support team when needed. He has a masters in Product Design and a great personality to match.

I was first introduced to 3D printing whilst studying Product Design in the super equipped School of Engineering at the University of Leeds and was immediately enthused by it. Gradually I’ve moved away from 3D Product Design and into a more business minded systems development role, mapping and creating workflows and user experiences and having a lot of fun here while doing it.

Josh Wells

Josh joined us in October 2015 after impressing us with his interests while meeting at the 2015 New Designers Show in London. He fought off some tough competition and has taken on the model and build processing as well as looking after the machines, learning from the teams combined experience.

I got my first taste of the industry with a 3D printing and model making company after finishing university. Knowing that this is what I want to do, I dotted around some more 3D companies looking to get my foot in the door, it wasn’t long till I found 3DPRINTUK where I will be at the forefront of 3D printing and model making, jackpot.

Kirby Downey

Kirby joined us in April 2017. He arrived with shining recommendations from previous colleagues and experience in post-print processing having previously worked at iMakr. He is hardworking, has a great attitude and his knowledge of 3D printing, as an owner of FDM printers is an added bonus. The ideal person to join the post-processing team.

I have been working, designing and experimenting with smaller desktop 3D printers for 3 years. From that experience I knew 3D prinitng was the industry I wanted to build my career in. 3DPRINTUK is the place to start that journey and specialise in the world of professional SLS 3D printing. I also like doughnuts, video games and candy.

Adrian Dragan

Adrian joined the team in 2017 to support Kirby in managing post production and dispatch. Along with his background in civil engineering, his attention to detail, hard working attitude and fantastic personality made Adrian a perfect match for the role and for the team.

I have a background in civil engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering before coming over to the UK. I have always kept my options open and searched for jobs in other fields of interest but I’ve always had a personal interest in 3D printing. I became aware of 3DPRINTUK through social media and followed their progress through various channels. When I got the opportunity to join this innovative team I had “no choice” but to take it.