Post processing

Each of our finishing options have been carefully chosen to add a particular feature to our finished parts.
Below is an overview of all of our finishing options and links to further information.


Adding a finish to our services is a big decision at 3DPRINTUK. Each of our post processing options goes through months of research and development so that we can maintain consistency and quality across batch production. Our post production finishes have been carefully chosen to compliment our prints to produce outstanding additive parts.

1. Natural Finish

• High strength down to 1mm
• Good chemical resistance
• Excellent long-term stability
• High selectivity and detail resolution
• Various finishing possibilities (e.g vibratory grinding, dyeing, bond-ing, flocking, paint)

The material is a brilliant white in its natural form, but can be dyed Black for an additional 10%

The natural surface finish is smooth, but has a powdery feel to it. This is comparable with an extra strong mint. With our free polishing service you get a far smoother finish for no extra cost – this is a finish comparable to a Soft Mint/Mentos.

Surface finish (texture)
Finish Quality with vibro polishing
Visible layer lines

2. Vibro Polishing

• Close to injection mould look and feel
• Free for all orders
• Creates a high quality matt finish

We know that not everyone likes the look and feel of a freshly printed SLS part as much as we do. That’s why we provide a free vibro polishing service for all orders.

When we polish the models, the ceramic chips impact the surface and compact the outer layer of powdery texture to make it much smoother. We’ve noticed that dimensional change is negligible, however it can fillet sharp edges to a radius of approx 0.1mm – 0.2mm.

Finish Quality
Additional cost (Free)
Lead Time Increase (+1 Day)

3. Dyeing

• Solid colours only
• The dye penetrates to approx 0.5mm
• More hard wearing than paint
• Polished part can be dyed

We have invested over £100K in this post-processing equipment to bring you the very best black parts possible as an in-house service. The process produces a solid colour that does not add thickness and is more durable than a painted finish. The coloured part can be complemented by a polish from our free polishing service.

Finish Quality
Lead Time Increase (0-1 Day)
Additional cost (varies)

4. Shot Peening

• Scratch resistant
• Greatly improved surface finish
• Satin finish to black parts
• Tolerances are not affected

For the very best finish on black parts 3DPRINTUK is now offering a shot peening service for low, medium, and high volumes of parts.

PSS is an automated blasting process that quickly and efficiently provides a greatly improved surface finish for PA2200 SLS printed parts. If you usually go for dyed & polished parts we strongly recommend that you try this new finish.

Improved Surface Finish
Scratch resistant
Additional cost (+5%)