New Electronics

An alternative to injection moulding

Are your parts viable for SLS 3D printing?

FDPP Magazine

Machine Parts using AM

Machine parts for the Food Packaging Industry

Mepca Magazine

The additive advantage

The advantages 3D Printing can offer

Industry Update

Leaders in 3D printing batch production

Are your parts viable for SLS 3D printing?

Parliamentary Review

Chosen to represent manufacturing in the UK

3D printing company who specialise in low volume production.

Industry Update

3D printing company of the year

From Prototypes to
Low Volume Batch Production

MEM Magazine

Vanacci men accessories

How 3D Printing has propelled men’s accessories manufacture.

Industry Update

3D print cuts end-of-arm tooling costs

Up to 70% saving on part costs

Mepca Magazine

Should you be 3D printing your jigs

What are the advantages of 3D printing a jig?

TCT Magazine

Europe edition

Kongsberg test SLS to Subsea Extremes

Industrial Process News

AM, an alternative to injection mould

Attractive alternatives to traditional methods of manufacture.


New Electronics

What is viable and what is not with 3D printed enclosures?

What is viable and what is not with 3D printed enclosures?


'2015 Hockey World League Champions Win Trophies 3D Printed by 3DPRINTUK' - Dec 21, 2015

An article on the bespoke trophies we produced for the World Hockey League Finals 2015.

TCT Magazine

'How to build a 3D printing bureau' - Jul 15, 2015

TCT Magazine speak to us about setting up a business in a new but competitive industry.

Virgin Atlantic

'Innovation in technology: A trip to the 3D Printshow' - Jun 18, 2015

Virgin Atlantic went to the 3D Printshow 2015 and we helped them out with a little project.

3D Printing Industry

'3DPRINTUK Celebrates 3D Printing its 100,000th Part' - Sept 25, 2014

We reached a big milestone here at 3DPRINTUK and 3D Printing Industry asked us all about it!

The New York Times

'3-D Printers Are No Rival for Mass Production' - Aug 12, 2014

Company Director Nick writes on the theme ‘Will 3-D Printers Change the World?’ for the NYTimes ‘Room for Debate’ series.


'3-D gifts for do-it-yourselfers' - Dec 10, 2013

Director Nick talks about whether the 3D printing boom in the media is just a fad.

TEDx Talks

'Rediscovery of the inner inventor: Nick Allen at TEDxSquareMile' - Oct 26, 2013

3DPRINTUK CEO presents a TEDx talk at the TEDxSquareMile event on the theme – ‘Re-discovery: See Say Sense’ at The Museum Of London.

Popular Science

'This 3D Printed Skateboard is the Geekiest Way to Shred' - Aug 26, 2013

Sam Abbotts 3D printed skateboard proved to be a popular print. Here’s our pick of the write up’s.


'Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped (I Should Know, I Do It For a Living)' - May 17, 2013

Director Nick talks about the industry present and boldly predicts the industry future…

The Telegraph

'Will 3D printing really mould the shape of things to come?' - May 7, 2013

Company Director Nick is asked about the 3D printing hype and whether mini desktop factories will take off.

BBC's The One Show

'3DPRINTUK on the one show!' - Mar 27, 2013

CEO Nick talks about 3D printing and its advantages and drawbacks live on BBC One!


'Working to Engineer a Better World - 3D Printing' - Nov 26, 2014

Natasha Kaplinsky introduces an ITN production filmed in our humble 3DPRINTUK studio.