Lead Times (Express & Economy)

Parts delivered to you door in as little as 2-4 working days.

NOTE: Lead times are not guaranteed but they are a good guide for when your parts will arrive. There are several reasons why a print time cannot be exact, please read on to find out why.

Models must be paid for before printing commences. As soon as this is done your models will join the print queue and your turnaround time begins. We have a 3.00pm cut off for new orders. For orders placed after that time the turnaround will start from the next working day. 

Two turnaround options, same high quality print

  • This is 2-4 working day lead time. 90% of orders will take 2 days, but we always allow 4 days for larger orders and in case of any problems that we may have during the print process.
  • Express is exactly the same as economy, only you join the front of the queue and not the end.
  • Cost 18p + vat per cm 3
    For more information see our pricing page
  • This is an 7-12 working day lead time as an estimate.
  • The process is exactly the same material and quality as express, only you join the back of the queue rather than the front.
  • We print everything as quickly as we can, so it is likely is get to you before the estimate lead time, but please consider the lead time as it is stated.
  • Cost 11p + vat per cm 3 For more information see our pricing page

More than you know…

As well as jumping to the front of the print queue and getting our fastest turn around time, choosing express means that you’re buying the very best care and service that 3DPRINTUK can offer. On express, our team will go out of their way to make sure your order goes out asap. Express printing makes you our VIP.

Planning is key…

Economy printing is ideal for planning ahead. You get the same fantastic quality prints as Express but you do have an extended lead time. On Economy, we cannot get round the lead time, if you have a tight deadline please choose Express to avoid disappointment. 
Plan for the lead time and benefit from a huge saving! 

Lead times are not guaranteed

We would love to tell you an exact time that you prints will be ready but 3D printing is not an exact science. To make you fully aware of the process here are the two main factors that can delay your lead time:
1. Build times vary due to the density of models in the print. This means that the cool down time will vary too because a finished build has to cool down for the same amount of time that it took to print it. If you try to rush the cool down time, you almost guarantee warped parts.
2. New express orders take priority over economy orders. A large surge of express orders (student exam time for example) will effect the economy queue turnaround.

Polishing and Dyeing

Please keep in mind that Polishing and Dyeing adds an extra day to your turnaround time. Polishing takes 24 hours and dyeing is normally done on the same day. For Economy, please allow an extra 48 hours during busy periods.

Can I have it tomorrow?

Unfortunately, No… we are unable to offer a next day service as it’s a 48 hour print process.

Do you work on weekends?

Our printers run all weekend unmanned. If you order an express print on Friday your parts will be ready to collect or post out on Monday (presuming we have the space in one of our printers).

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