Formula Student

If you’re involved in Formula Student you’ll know how much R&D goes into a race car… and where there is R&D, there is 3D printing. We supply many of the UK Formula Student teams across the country with top quality 3D prints for your vehicles. At 3DPRINTUK, we’re all petrol heads so absolutely love to get involved with these projects and love sharing our knowledge with you!


We get asked by a lot of teams about sponsorship – and we’d love to sponsor you all, but that’d get a bit pricey! So, what we do is offer your team heavily discounted prints in return for a few logo’s or a lower band sponsorship package.

With this deal, the more printing you do the more you save… so don’t be afraid to try multiple different versions of your parts!

Free Help

Most of us here know our way around an engine pretty well and have side projects tuning our own cars or adding air ride or alike – we’d love to help you with your designs. We may not be on hand 247 for this, but when you submit your designs, we’ll have a look and see if we can see anything we think you can improve on, whether it be design or cost optimisation!

Our Material

As you’ve probably seen from our website already, our PA2200 SLS Nylon is far superior to most other 3D print material for Formula Student in both strength, accuracy and cost.

It is the exact same material used in most F1 development and testing so should be seen as the right choice for your car. With great strength and a high melting point (over 170°C) it can be used in many places throughout the car.