The Best SLS Prints in the UK

We don’t only make prototypes and production runs – we also have a more consumer friendly side to the business that caters for all the weird and wonderful. We offer the same SLS machines as the larger, European, high end, consumer 3D printing services but with more personal service and a pricing structure that can prove to be very good value for money if you use it right.


What we can offer:

SLS 3D printers

Both our machines, the P100 and P110 Formiga machines, use OEM EOS PA2200 Nylon material at a 50/50 mix of old and new powder. We never use any other manufacturers material and we never change this mix, meaning you get the best possible results from these machines.

Free Polishing

Although SLS prints are extremely high quality, the surface finish is still a matte and slightly powdery texture. If you’re looking for something a bit smoother and you’re willing to wait an extra day, then why not use our free polishing service? We love this so much that we decided to offer it to you for free of charge!

White or Carbon Black

Why not add that extra edge to your design by opting for our carbon black option? Being both cheap and durable, many of our clients have started to use this over painting their models. It also means that we do the messy work so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.