Bespoke Models

The beauty of 3D printing is that there are very few restrictions when it comes to design.
And the added benefit of powder bed fusion is that we use no supports structures at all for our prints.

If you are looking for a completely one off model, it can be difficult to find a place to start manufacture. Whether it be an exhibition model, Christmas window display, commissioned art piece or something completely different, we can help you get started with a strong, detailed, accurate 3D printed model.

PLEASE NOTE: Post print, we do not offer some of the finishing services you will see on this page like painting or metal coating, we leave that to you, the experts.

3DPRINTUK is a additive manufacturer who specialise in powder bed fusion and can make you the vey best 3D printed base model or prototype to get your bespoke project started. In addition, our services include in-house post processing options like free polishing, shot peening and colour dyeing. We can produce your rapid prototypes or base model in just 2 working days on our express service.

If you already have your stl file – Great!
Visit our upload page for an instant, interactive quote.

The natural colour of SLS nylon is white, whereas the natural colour of MJF Nylon 12 is grey (see image below). Both options can be shot peened at an additional cost, or polished for free to achieve a near injection mould feel and both options can be dyed black using our dyeing service.

In addition SLS Nylon 12 can be dyed in the following colours Green, Blue, Red and Yellow.

Other than our Flexible SLS material, all of our prints are made in SLS and MJF Nylon 12 which means they are fantastic for post print finishing whether you want to coat your model with chrome spray, drill into a solid part of your print or prime your model for paint.

Sounds good so far? It’s time to create your .stl file

No matter what you want to print you will need an .stl file of your object to upload on to our system to place an order. STL files are a digital 3D model that can be generated from most 3D software packages once you have finished your design. Solidworks, Fusion 360, Blender, Sketchup and Onshape are just some of the 3D software packages available.

If 3D design is not your forte, you can work with one of the trusted design consultancies or freelancers. Take a look at our CAD Directory to start your project.

One can question we get a lot is: Can I print a 3D object from a picture?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. All 3D printers require a 3D CAD model in order to makes a printed objected.

What our prints have been used for


If you’re looking for an award that’s unique, different, something you just can’t buy off the shelf, then we can help. We’ve made many different and varied awards over the last few years that really stand out from the crowd.

Our trusted design partners are able to help and guide you through the design process and have extensive experience in working with our machines and our materials so are able help you with not only the design, but also how to get the best results and the best price.

Our awards have been presented around the world from small events to world cup finals – working with us and our associates will certainly introduce you to levels of expertise and quality above anything you’ve seen before.


Over the years we’ve made hundreds of props for film, TV and the stage. These have ranged from Egyptian cutlery in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings‘, to parts for Matt Damon’s Helmet in ‘The Martian’ and even ‘Fonejacker’s‘ Terry Tibbs’ head scaled down to make an aftershave bottle called ‘Head, by Tibbs’ for C4, plus many more we aren’t allowed to mention.

3DPRINTUK offer a 2 day(working) express service when you are under pressure with tight deadlines.

Presentation Models

Are you looking for that wow factor at your event? Whether you’re at a public event, trade show or an important meeting, having a custom presentation model can really give you that extra edge.

Using our industry leading EOS Selective Laser Sintering machines, along with the support of our experienced and dedicated team, we can help you produce some of the most visually spectacular models around using our design team and print services.

The gallery below are just some of the project that started life as one of our prints and then with the addition of your imagination and the right expertise, here are just some examples of what is possible.

Further information

Our website is full of resources that should help your project start flying. However, if you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to email us at and one of our team will get back to you.