Bespoke Models

If you are looking for a completely one off item, it can be difficult to find someone or somewhere that can produce your project just as you want it. Whether it be an exhibition model,  Christmas window display, commissioned art piece or something completely different, we can help you achieve it.

We have an in house design team that can take your idea from a sketch to the finished article, and we have a highly recommended range of contacts who can finish the models to your requirements.

Areas we regularly work in:


If you’re looking for an award that’s unique, different, something you just can’t buy off the shelf, then we can help. We’ve made many different and varied awards over the last few years that really stand out from the crowd.

Our in house design team are able to help and guide you through the design and have extensive experience in working with our machines and our materials so are able help you with not only the design, but also how to get the best results and the best price.

Our awards have been presented around the world from small events to world cup finals – working with us and our associates will certainly introduce you to levels of expertise and quality above anything you’ve seen before.


Over the years we’ve made hundreds of props for film, TV and the stage. These have ranged from Egyptian cutlery in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings‘, to parts for Matt Damon’s Helmet in ‘The Martian’ and even ‘Fonejacker’s‘ Terry Tibbs’ head scaled down to make an aftershave bottle called ‘Head, by Tibbs’ for C4, plus many more we aren’t allowed to mention.

We focus on making fast-turnaround smaller items for film, so if you are looking for anything handheld and smaller, we can definitely help, though we are also able to create larger models too.

Presentation Models

Are you looking for that wow factor at your event? Whether you’re at a public event, trade show or an important meeting, having a custom presentation model can really give you that extra edge.

Using our industry leading EOS Selective Laser Sintering machines, along with the support of our experienced and dedicated team, we can help you produce some of the most visually spectacular models around using our design team and print services.

Services We Offer:

Design and Drafting (CAD)

We offer a full Design and Drafting CAD service to help you create your ideas. We have designed for a number of TV, stage and film projects, from student work to independent works all the way to large scale productions. With the added benefit of being very familiar with the material we work with, our designers can design your part specifically for 3D printing faster and more efficiently than those designers who are less familiar with its properties meaning we can create it better and in a shorter amount of time.

3D Printing

3D printing is our bread and butter and with our range of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines, we’re able to handle large volumes of parts on a daily basis, especially if the parts are small, with our record production time being 6,500 parts in 24 hours. The Nylon we use is very durable and can be finished to look like just about anything making it perfect for film and theatre props.


We offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The process smooths the parts down by removing the outer layer of residual powder and leaves a great solid feeling and durable texture. The polished white finish is very similar to bone or ivory and it also gives a great base to paint over meaning your props can be even better at no extra effort or cost.

What to send us:


If you feel we may be able to help with your project then please feel free to contact us for a quote.


  • If you have an .STL file ready to send we can give you a very accurate quote as well as accurate lead times and usually within 30 minutes during business hours.
  • Let us know the quantities of parts you’re looking to manufacture.
  • If you do not have a file ready you are welcome to send through any images or drawings of the parts you need to our design team. They can create a new design or even replicate an existing one, often within a week ready for print.


*Please note, we only print Bespoke Models in PA2200 Nylon from our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines.

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