3D Printing – SLS

At 3DPRINTUK we use industry leading EOS Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers. If you have any experience in 3D printing, you’ll know that these are the best machines to use for almost every application in 3D printing. They produce strong, functional parts at a fraction of the cost of resin printers, yet with greater functionality and comparable resolution.

We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of pounds, produced thousands of builds and made over a quarter of a million 3D prints to date. Every model is checked and fixed free of charge then orientated into the best position for both strength, surface finish and overall part accuracy based on our comprehensive experience in the field. You know your model is in the right hands when you print with us.

If you have your files ready for printing you can upload them here. Use the manual upload if you need advice on your print and the automatic if you’re confident with your designs.

Find out about our materials and print bed sizes and learn a few simple design rules that will ensure that your prints work.

We now have a two pricing structures here at 3DPRINTUK, meaning even more of your prints will be cheaper to print with us. Find out how to make the most of them here.

Our pricing structure allows you to quickly and easily get a guide price on a project before you even start it. Now our app makes that process even easier.

‘3D printing’ can be a little confusing and technical so we’ve tried to explain everything in one page which should help fill the gaps in your understanding.

The 3D printing world is full of technical data and claims. Here we explain the accuracy of our machines as best as we can.

SLS Nylon can be a bit of a strange material when you first get your hands on it. Learn how to look after it here.

As with any manufacturing process, there are some limitations to what can be made. Our Management of Expectations page covers all of the bases.

We’ve all been students and know how expensive university can be. Hopefully our Student Discount will help you get through it!

Formula Student is great and with a growing use of 3D printed parts in the production of cars we are always happy to help. Learn what we can do for your team!