Precision Jig Manufacture

More and more of our clients are turning to 3D printing with strong Nylon material as a solution for manufacturing Jigs. This is because the financial benefits of 3D printing for this application far outweigh production methods utilising Aluminium or a similar alternative. 

“There are a couple of reasons why we use SLS over machined aluminium. We can design complex SLS parts and not be restricted by the limitation of standard machining. The cost of SLS printing is considerably cheaper than machining aluminium in-house when you factor in costs such as raw material purchase and delivery, machining centre setup, machining centre programming, purchase of milling cutters, overheads and wages.” Brushtec

Manufacturing jigs are an essential tool for any production floor operations, often contributing to quality assembly and inspection processes and successful outcomes.

Off-the-shelf jigs can be utilised, however, most manufacturers customize their own jigs to suit their unique production operations.

While costs are often the main factor in 3D printing jigs, there are a number of other key areas where additive manufacture is advantageous for this application.

As the Brushtec example above highlights, the ability to produce complex parts is a major benefit. The freedom of design that is possible with industrial 3D printing processes such as selective laser sintering (SLS) and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) enables manufacturers to overcome the limitations of injection moulding or machining operations. This subsequently means that jig designs can be consolidated to avoid assembly operations (further reducing costs and lead times as well as man-hours).

In addition, jigs can be designed with improved ergonomics for improved handling and ease of use, and because they are produced using tough Nylon material they weigh less than their traditional metal counterparts. In some cases, jigs can be specifically customized, which also makes handling easier and safer for the operator and can actually increase functionality and safety.

3D printing jigs also means they can be produced on demand, reducing inventory and allowing manufacturers the ability to redesign and update them as required.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can support your jig requirements. Alternatively upload your file to see how cost-effective 3D printing jigs can be.

What To Send Us:

  • Rough estimated XYZ dimensions of the model you’d like to create.
  • If the part exists already a picture of the part next to a ruler for scale reference makes quoting very easy.
  • If the model does not already exist any sketches or even pictures of similar existing products will be helpful.

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