Social Postage

We love showing off what you guys can do! The problem is that our strict terms and conditions don’t allow us to show anyone else your work without permission. That’s why we’re introducing ‘Social Postage‘.

Social Postage allows you to give us permission to show your models on our social media channels in return for a refund on your postage* and a nice bit of exposure.

We will credit you wherever possible and nothing else in our terms and conditions changes – the file is still safe with us.

If you have opted in to Social Postage and we plan to use a picture of your model on any of our social media channels we will alert you and then your postage costs will be refunded within a few days. Unfortunately, won’t be able to use every model and postage will only be refunded on models featured on our social media channels but given the high standard of models that we are used to receiving from you we anticipate refunding quite a bit of postage!

To opt in simply add a note in the message box with your upload. Our automatic upload will have it listed in a drop down for you to select… We think it’s a pretty good deal and welcome any feedback that you may have.


If you would like to check our terms and conditions they can be viewed here.


* Refunds will only be given if your model is actually featured on our social media streams.