Precise Prototype Production
One off Prints
Economy or Express Turnaround

Low Volume Batch Production
Order Parts when Required!
1 – 10,000 Parts
No Tooling Costs, No Set Up Fee
Price Breaks for Higher Volume

If your model is ready to go, upload your stl file for an automatic adjustable quote. Our system will choose the cheapest pricing structure for you.



Additive for Manufacture – 3DPRINTUK are specialists in low volume production using state of the art SLS 3D printing systems. Our aim is to bridge the void between prototype and injection moulding. If tooling costs are prohibitively expensive for your product or you don’t require the volume demanded but injection moulding it’s time to email us or give us a call.

3DPRINTUK have mastered the process of printing in PA2200 Nylon, with no need for support material, virtually no layer lines and short turnaround times, so you are guaranteed a great print. Using selective laser sintering we can produce one off rapid prototypes if that’s what you require or production runs of tens of thousands of parts, on demand.

Call or email us to discuss your project.

“3DPRINTUK offers a truly cost effective alternative to low-volume production runs and the freedom to design without the usual moulding constraints is time saving & liberating.”
Sean McLaughlin
Applications Engineer / Silcos GMBH
“Projects can often leave no simple, cost effective solution or force you to compromise the original design. In this instance, we were able to utilise 3D printing and produce an exact product, as designed, in a short time frame.”
Neville Holland
Mechanical Engineer / Chiltern Invadex UK
“3D printing allows us to quickly prototype designs and check they are fit for purpose, as well as use the design flexibility, finish appearance and material strength for production too.”
Dan Kelly
Project Engineer / Omega Engineering Services
“From one off prototype concepts through to larger production runs, meeting specifications and tolerances or advising on most appropriate design for hinging or mechanically moving/ interfacing components. It’s always a pleasure working with the dedicated team at 3DPRINTUK.”
Hozan Amin
General Manager / BWB Technologies
“There are other companies offering 3D printing, I haven’t found one yet offering this level of service with high quality parts and fantastic value. That’s why 3DPRINTUK get all our printing business and will continue to do so.”
Matt Smith
Mechanical Engineer / Horiba Scientific
“There are a couple a reasons why we use SLS over machined aluminium. We can design complex SLS parts and not be restricted by the limitation of standard machining. The cost of SLS printing is considerably cheaper then machining aluminium in-house when you factor in the following costs, raw material purchase and delivery, machining centre setup, machining centre programming, purchase of milling cutters, overheads, and wages.”
Barry Crackett
Designer / BrushTec