Introducing Referrals

At 3DPRINTUK we are always looking for ways to improve our 3D printing service and offer more value to our growing community. When it comes to value and quality, we think we are pretty hard to beat, but further development of our in-house software means that we can now offer a referral scheme.

We are continually refining and updating our software to ensure that it is secure and that it is as easy as possible for our customers to use our quoting and ordering system. However, we are also always looking for ways to add more functionality and, as we mentioned, value.

In this regard we have now added a referral option for our customers. The aim is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, whereby our existing customers get even more value for money, their friends and colleagues are introduced to a high quality, cost-effective 3D printing service and we continue to grow our business and print more parts.

We’ve made it as simple as possible, such that for every new person that you refer, 3DPRINTUK will automatically credit your online account with a 10% discount token (and your friend will get one too)!

software development enables referral scheme

Straightforward & easy to use, 3DPRINTUK’s new referral option creates added value for existing and new customers.

It is a very easy 3-step process. Once you are in your account, you simply need to click ‘Refer a friend,’ in the left-hand menu, then you can either copy the referral code, which the system automatically generates for you and email it to your friend, or you can simply enter your friend’s email address and we will do the rest.

As soon as your friend completes their first order with us, your account will automatically be credited with the discount token.

It really is that simple.

By creating this offer the benefits are mutual and we really see it as a way of creating and sharing value.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try ….