Professional CAD Service

CAD falls into three main categories. Choose the service you require?

3DPRINTUK has entrusted Luma-ID with all our CAD and Drafting projects. Luma have specialist knowledge of our SLS technology, material and machine tolerances allowing them to deliver precision parts with minimum design alterations during the prototyping stage.

If you are developing a product from concept, you need a product design company that will focus their time on developing your idea. We recommend that you contact Luma-ID. Luma specialises in product design/development and regularly print high quality working prototypes with us.

If you just need a small model printed or if you need a simple item drawn up in CAD, we recommend that you contact Luma-ID. Luma are a professional team who will be happy to help you with your project and will deliver print ready files for you to upload on our system.