Pricing Structure

Full visibility of our pricing structure and price breaks.

How our pricing works

Over time, our pricing model has evolved from a simple XYZ dimension calculation into a more intricate system. This pricing is primarily based on the size and geometry of your part, rather than its complexity. We take into account factors such as the space your part occupies in our machines, the chosen material, colour, and finish, as well as the quantity of parts ordered and the number of individual components in your STL file.

Lead Times:

We offer three lead time options to cater for your needs:

Express: 2-4 working days
Economy: 6-10 working days
Trade: 12-22 working days

Please note that lead times are estimates, and while we strive to meet them for 95% of orders, they are not guaranteed. Working days exclude weekends and public holidays.

FREE sample runs for batch production runs:

We continue to offer a free sample run for larger production runs in the form of a refundable test order up to the value of the minimum order.

This works by placing an order with us for your sample, you then receive and check it. If you’re happy, you then place the full order. We then refund your original order up to the value of the minimum order value. This effectively gives you a free sample pre-production.

Call off/scheduled orders: *Coming soon*

Soon, we’ll introduce scheduled orders, allowing you to plan your annual part requirements and delivery schedule. This exclusive feature, available to trade accounts only, lets you maximise discounts while managing production and cash flow efficiently.


  • Natural: Standard pricing applies
  • Polished: A 2% charge is added for polishing
  • Shotpeen: A 5% charge is added for shotpeening

Colour options

  • Black: There is a 10% charge for dyeing black
  • Standard colours: There is a £10 surcharge + 10% for Standard colours
  • Premium colours (Coming Soon): There is a £60 surcharge + 10% for Non-standard colours

Quantity discounts

Benefit from quantity discounts based on the number of times an STL file is ordered per order. These discounts are automatically calculated in your online quote.

Price breaks can be given in two different ways. Please note that they work independently from each other and cannot be combined, however, our quoting tool will automatically default to the cheapest one.

Quantity Price breaks – given to the quantity of the same STL ordered
Minimum part cost – Given to the value of the minimum part cost as the quantity of STL files increases (only applicable if parts are below the minimum part cost)

Quantity price breaks are as follows:

Number of units Percentage Discount
1+ 0%
2+ 5%
10+ 10%
50+ 15%
100+ 20%
250+ 25%
1000+ 30%

Minimum part costs:

Every STL file has a minimum part cost per part. Starting at £1.05, this cost decreases to as little as 25p per part based on the number of parts ordered. The minimum part cost is not an extra charge per body on an STL; it’s an average cost per body on an STL file. If the average cost per body falls below the minimum part cost, the price defaults to the minimum part cost multiplied by the number of bodies on the STL file. Please be aware that such orders may require manual review due to file quality.

Remember, the price reduction is determined by the number of STL files ordered, not the number of parts on each STL file. For batch orders of the same items, it’s more cost-effective to upload a single part and increase the quantity.

The minimum part cost reduces with quantity ordered to the discounts highlighted below:

Number of units Economy – Minimum Part Cost Express – Minimum Part Cost
1+ £1.05 £2.10
50+ £0.80 £1.60
100+ £0.65 £1.30
200+ £0.55 £1.10
500+ £0.50 £1.00
1000+ £0.45 £0.90
2500+ £0.40 £0.80
5000+ £0.35 £0.70
7500+ £0.30 £0.60
10000+ £0.25 £0.50

Note – in some cases, the min part discount may go below the regular price of the part, if this is the case, the quote will default to the normal pricing, not the min part pricing.

These discount options are independent of each other and our quote system will automatically default to the cheapest of the three. Minimum part cost discount only applies to parts with an XYZ price that is less than that of the minimum part cost.

Minimum order value:

Express and Economy Tariff: £40 + VAT per order.

Trade Tariff: £500 + vat per order

These minimums apply to the entire order, not per part. If your part(s) fall below this minimum, you can increase quantities or add more files to meet the minimum order requirement. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the minimum order value.

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