Low Volume Batch Production Runs

3DPRINTUK is a UK leader in 3D printed batch production runs. Our in house SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines are ideally suited to producing low volume plastic parts, from a few duplicates to many thousands. The PA2200 Nylon we use is both strong and accurate, as well as affordable, making it a perfect application for your batch production needs.

No longer have access to your production run tooling?

Send us your original part for reverse engineering or speak to our CAD team about your project. We guarantee fantastic service and quality from your first print to the very last one.

Need a sample first?

No problem… We understand that you will want to test your part before committing to a production run and may not want to pay our minimum order (£40+vat). Once the full order goes ahead we will happily refund the cost of your sample. T&Cs apply.

Price Breaks:

50+ Units

100+ Units

200+ Units

* Price breaks apply to Manual Uploads only.

Advantages Of 3D Printing For Batch Production Runs


1. No Set Up Fees – We don’t charge set up fees for your production runs – this means that you can order as many or as few as you want and not have to worry about breaking even on the set up costs or mould costs like you do in traditional manufacturing, making 3D printing a viable alternative to injection moulding and the like.

2. Fast Lead Times – Due to the lack of tooling, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for the mould tools to be designed – simply place your order and we’ll put it in the queue. Our current record is producing 6,500 parts in 24 hours.

3. Your Prototype And Final Model Will Be Identical – If you choose to prototype your model with us you’ll be using exactly the same machines as you would with your production run, so your prototype would be exactly the same as your final model.

4. Free Polishing – At 3DPRINTUK we offer a totally free of charge polishing service. This smooths the outer surface and can produce a near injection mould quality finish.


Parts That Are Best Suited To 3D Printed Batch Production Runs


1.Very Small Parts – We specialise in the really little parts as we can get these printed much faster than larger models. We place them in and around other parts in whatever builds we have on at the time, meaning you get your orders as soon as possible.

2. Clips, Mounts And Fastenings – The Nylon is strong, so a great choice for your small fastenings and fixtures. Very often when producing a product in low volume it is difficult to justify spending tens of thousands on tooling for these type of items – you may find that 3D printing will be the ideal solution.

3. Personalised Items – Again, due to the lack of tooling, there are no setup costs – this means that you can make unique items for the same price as identical ones. This can be great for small corporate gifts and alike.

Our 3D Printing Technology

We have mastered printing in P12 Nylon with EOS P100 SLS printers. Quality and Accuracy is very important to us and our clients so we take great care to maintain our printers to ensure the same high standard of prints time and time. To find out more in more detail about our 3D printers read our page on maximum and minimum capabilities.

Get in touch for a quote!


If you feel we may be able to help with your project then please feel free to contact us for a quote. Our new Manual Upload takes the price breaks into consideration and is the fastest way to get a quote for your project.

*Please note, we only offer production runs in PA2200 Nylon on our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines.

What to send us:

  • If you have an STL file ready to send we can give you a very accurate quote as well as accurate lead times and usually within 30 minutes during business hours.
  • If you do not have a file ready you are welcome to send through any images or drawings of the parts you need and our design team can take a look. They can create a new design or even replicate an existing one, often within a week ready for print.
  • Let us know the quantities of parts you’re looking to manufacture.

Services We Offer:

CAD Service

3DRINTUK offer a specialised professional CAD service to help you move from your traditional method of batch production over to 3D printing. Our CAD team have the ability to create precise engineering parts. With the added benefit of being very familiar with the material we work with, we can design your part specifically for 3D printing, faster and more efficiently than those designers who are less familiar with its properties.

3D Printing

3D printing is our bread and butter and with our range of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines, we’re able to handle large volumes of parts on a daily basis, especially if the parts are small, with our record production time being 6,500 parts in 24 hours. With capacity due to be doubled by the end of 2016, we’re gearing up to cut lead times even further on production runs in the future.


We offer a free polishing service for all orders no matter what the quantity. The vibro-polishing process smooths the surfaces of parts and cleans off any residual powder. The result is a near injection molded feel for what may be a fraction of the cost.

Disadvantages Of 3D Printing For Batch Production Runs

No Economies Of Scale – As there is no tooling, you don’t get economies of scale. This means that the unit cost will remain relatively similar regardless of quantity. However, get in contact with us to see what can be done for your exact quantity.

Large Prints Are Not Viable – When producing larger 3D prints, they can be expensive, and due to a lack of economy of scale there is not much saving with larger orders. With our pricing structure you may be able to get around this if you can ‘flat pack’ your model, but this is not always possible.

Layers – 3D printing involves making parts layer by layer. On our high end machines they are not as visible as they are on most 3D printers, but they do exist and it is difficult to get away from that. Using our free polishing service will greatly reduce the effect if you choose to use it.

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