HP MJF 3D Printing Service

3DPRINTUK operates the most advanced MJF 3D printing system (5210) in the UK


Our wealth of experience with polymer materials and the SLS powder bed fusion (PBF) process for more than a decade allows us to transfer this knowledge to the MJF (MultiJet Fusion) process to meet client demands.

To do this, 3DPRINTUK has invested in the most advanced MJF system on the market – the 5210 system from HP.

We believe it is important to distinguish the investment in the 5210 system (over previous systems in the original 4200 series) because it marks a considerable step forward with the MJF process. This is an observation based on in-house testing of parts from both with marked improvements in key areas such as greatly improved part quality, repeatability, Z-axis scaling, heating control and part accuracy.

By running both the SLS and MJF processes we are able to deliver the very best polymer parts specific to your individual application(s).

Customers can specify their chosen production systems or, utilising the expertise of 3DPRINTUK, our quoting system will funnel your requirements to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of the quality and functionality of the parts together with value for money and delivery times.

Max print size: 350mm(X) x 255mm(Y) x 350mm(Z)

More information

For data sheets and further information about the HP 5210 system please see our machine page.
You can also find out more about the material MJF NYLON 12

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