Dyeing – Carbon Black

After experimenting for over a year, we’re adding black dyeing to our service. For this we take the natural white 3D printed models and dye them in our industrial dyer. The process produces a solid colour that does not add thickness and is more durable than a painted finish. The process is complimented by a polish from our free polishing service.

Natural finish, dyed black:

Dyeing the natural finish gives a very solid black colour, a slightly richer black than the polished and dyed and you don’t need to wait a day extra for the polishing. However, the natural finish does score very easily; even a fingernail can leave a shiny line across the part which can be rather unsightly.

Polished finish, dyed black:

Dyeing the polished parts produces a lighter black finish, hence the name ‘Carbon Black’. The result is not as consistent as the natural finish, though it is still very good. The main advantage to this one is the far superior surface finish and more importantly it does not score like the natural finish does. Personally, we prefer this method overall.




Our Carbon Black parts are charged at 10% extra to the total cost of your part(s).


  • Cheap compared to painting
  • Dimensions are not altered
  • Not affected by UV light
  • Durable – doesn’t wear off like painting
  • Fast process that only adds approx 1 day, sometimes can be done same day


  • Difficult to colour match exactly
  • Can show score marks if you require unpolished
  • Polished black is not as rich as unpolished black
  • Only one colour per model
  • Does add to the lead time, especially if ordering express items