HP MJF 5210 – First bureau in the UK

3DPRINTUK launch HP MJF 5210

3DPRINTUK completes its £1m expansion plan and becomes the first bureau in the UK to launch HP MJF 5210.

Further investment at London-based 3DPRINTUK sees the UK’s leading 3D print service provider expand capabilities and capacity for the production of polymer parts.

(25th September 2020. London, UK) 3DPRINTUK, an experienced service provider of polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes for manufacturing applications, is delighted to announce the acquisition and installation of the latest MultiJet Fusion (MJF) system from HP distributor Matsuura. This is the culmination of a £1 million strategic expansion plan by 3DPRINTUK to grow its 3D printing services at its facility in London, UK.

The 5210 system is the most advanced 3D printing production system from HP and the first of its kind to be installed within a UK service bureau.

According to Nick Allen, 3DPRINTUK’s CEO: “We’ve been watching MJF mature since 2015 and have been waiting for the right moment to add it to our offerings. We believe the time is right to invest in MJF as it now meets the demands of our customers and their applications with the 5200 series. It is important to distinguish the investment in the 5210 system over previous systems in the original 4200 series of machines because it marks a considerable step forward with the MJF process. This is based on our extensive in-house testing of parts from both series and there are big improvements with the 5210 in key areas such as part quality, repeatability, Z-axis scaling, heating control and accuracy.”

Above: The 5210 prints each layer in a two part process.

During the last decade, 3DPRINTUK has established itself as a leading provider of 3D printed polymer parts using PBF processes, specifically SLS. This has generated a wealth of experience and expertise that transfers extremely well to the MJF process and a move taken to meet client demands. For batch production and highly functional parts using 3D printing both the SLS and MJF processes compare well with each other, with each tipping the other in a few key areas.

By running both SLS and MJF systems 3DPRINTUK is now in a position to deliver the very best polymer parts specific to clients’ individual application(s). Customers can either specify their chosen production systems or, utilising the expertise of 3DPRINTUK, make use of the company’s quoting system that will funnel priority requirements to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of the quality and functionality of the parts together with value for money and delivery times.

Above: MJF Nylon PA12 dyed black and vibro-polished.

Above: MJF Nylon PA12 dyed black parts.

As you might expect, the installation of the new MJF 5210 machine was quickly followed by some extensive testing by the 3DPRINTUK team to assess the output in the real world against the manufacturers specifications.

This latest investment by 3DPRINTUK follows on from other recent investments across the business. This includes the addition of two large-scale SLS P396 systems to the production portfolio; new DyeMansion equipment to provide professional post-processing and finishing services, including shot peening and multiple new colour options; together with the new SLS Flexible material option.

3DPRINTUK will continue to address the needs of its customers in every way possible. The addition of the 5210 Jet Fusion system opens up even more avenues for batch production applications with 3D printing, backed up by unmatched levels of experience and expertise with PBF processes and professional post-processing options.

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