Our Pricing App

We have a rather useful little 3D print price estimator app! This is a wonderful and simple to use tool for working out how much your 3D print will cost using our service. You can use this to work out costs BEFORE you even start the project.

All you need to do is to input the XYZ dimensions using the simple sliders, put the number of bodies in the STL file in and the quantity you require and your price for both Economy and Express will show at the bottom.

Remember that you can knock a further 20% off this total if you’re a student!


It’s so easy to use – just slide the XY&Z dimensions to the correct size, input the number of bodies on the STL file and how many you want to order and you’ll get a price in seconds!

 Time Saving

Using the app saves you a lot of time – not only do you not have to wait for anything to upload, you can also find the price of something before you have even designed it!


This app is free! You can download it to either Apple or Android devices by simply searching ‘3DPRINTUK’ in the App or Play stores – alternatively please click on the links to the right.