HP – MJF 3D Printed Assembly Parts

Illustrating key benefits of multi jet fusion as it facilitates assembly in hp build units.


HP Inc. is a leading innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of technology solutions for companies and individuals across the world. The company manufacturers an expansive range of printers, PCs, mobile devices and more and provides many parallel services to its clients.

HP has also developed and commercialized innovative 3D printing systems based on its proprietary Multi Jet Fusion (MFJ) technology, and at 3DPRINTUK we have installed the most advanced polymer MJF machine — the 5210 — alongside our portfolio of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines to cater for all industrial polymer 3D printing applications. So we are fascinated to see how HP is both manufacturing MJF systems and using them within its own manufacturing processes ….

Application at a glance


Machinery and equipment
HP internal assembly part



MJF Nylon PA 12


82.60 cm3



Shot Peened


159mm (X) x  26 mm (Y) x 71 mm (Z)


Part Cost (printed by 3DPRINTUK):

Approx £40 per part (ex vat) no tooling cost or set up fee. The price will vary +/- slightly with each design and price breaks discounts for higher volumes.


Inspecting the assembly of printheads within the manufacturing process chain and confirming the correct alignment between the printheads and the HP Jet Fusion 3D Build Unit requires accurate measurement of distances at several points.

The Solution

Additively manufacture robust dummy parts in 3D High Reusability PA 12 (Nylon) with an embedded measuring tool. Such parts can then quickly and easily be changed from one printer to another.

Actual part size: 159mm x 26mm x 71mm

The Results

Multi Jet Fusion technology quickly and cost-effectively produced parts that allowed for easier integration of a laser inside the printhead to take accurate distance measurements.

For extra convenience, the printhead can be positioned in the carriage that moves across the printer in order to measure several points without requiring any external robotic equipment or complex parts.


Multi Jet Fusion is an industrial polymer 3D printing technology that can provide fast, efficient and economical solutions for manufacturers across the process chain, but notably, as demonstrated here in the production of customized manufacturing tools on the shop floor. Read more about this application: Jig Manufacture.


Disclaimer: Originally published by HP Inc, reproduced with permission.

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