Playerdata teamed up with the Homeless World Cup Foundation to deploy its latest technology at the organisation’s 16th football tournament.

L-R: Roy Hotrabhvanon, CEO at PlayerData; Mel Young, co-founder of The Homeless World Cup; Hayden Ball, CTO at Playerdata; and Mariana Mercado, volunteer manager at The Homeless World Cup. Picture: Stewart Attwood

We actually have a Formlabs form 2 printer in house equipped with “Tough resin”, we found though that the SLS prints from 3DPRINTUK yielded a much higher quality part in terms of finish and strength with a much quicker turnaround time. It would have taken our printer over a month of continuous printing to produce the parts we would have needed.

Using 3DPRINTUK was a no brainer for us, it was quick and the parts were very strong and of great quality. We continue to use them to produce batches of our latest production prototypes.

Roy Hotrabhvanon
CEO, Playerdata


Edinburgh-based Playerdata is a wearable tech firm whose products monitor an athlete’s biometrics, performance and technique. Playerdata partnered with the Homeless World Cup Foundation to deploy its latest technology at the organisation’s 16th football tournament.

A tracking system was attached to each player at the event in Mexico City, which featured more than 500 players from at least 40 countries. Data is then sent wirelessly to a base station that updated the event’s site in real time.

The same data will also be used to provide insights to players and their coaches to help improve performance. Some 200,000 spectators are attending the event in the Mexican capital, with millions more who watched the games online.

The animation above shows how smart nesting of the clip on the back of the case inside the unused space on the front of the case brought the cost of both units down to £10.10 + vat. If printed individually the cost would have been; Front of case £4.37 + vat (price breaks incl) & Back of case £8.53 + vat (price breaks incl).

Using our xyz pricing structure it can be far more cost effective to nest multiple parts together in the smallest possible area. All the empty space surrounding your part that is not being used can be filled with other parts and printed at no extra cost.

SLS allows you to brand your parts and add custom part numbers; and even more beneficially to a project like this you can combine multiple functions into one body.

Assembly of the finished units including electronics and logo inserts back at Playerdata HQ.

Project Details

CAD Design: Provided by Playerdata
Material: SLS Nylon
Polishing: YES
Dyeing: YES
Finishing: Green logo added post print by client
Dimensions(mm): Finished item made up of a number of parts
Project cost: Quantity: 160 complete units

NESTED Price (front and back) £10.10 + vat (price breaks included)