A System Upgrade with new Schedule & Call Off Order Features

At 3DPRINTUK, one of the things that sets us apart, we believe, is our ordering system which has been developed in-house from the ground up. Developed and implemented to ensure the best possible, user-friendly interface — and prices — for our customers, continuous improvement is also a central remit for our software team. As a result, we have now installed a system upgrade and added even more benefits and features to our ordering system.

All of our trade account holders already benefit from a lower price structure and we are now introducing a new Schedule and Call Off Orders feature that will bring additional benefits for these accounts too. With these new scheduling features our customers will be able to plan ahead for any upcoming orders, whether they are for consistent batch production orders or one-off orders, with locked in prices and set delivery dates. This approach allows 3DPRINTUK customers a greater degree of flexibility for their 3D printed part requirements and offers peace of mind that their parts will be delivered on time, every time.

The key new feature of the scheduling capabilities for our trade account holders is that they will have the ability to lock in their unit costs over multiple future orders. This means that for companies that are using 3DPRINTUK as a production-on-demand partner and know the volumes they require over a certain period of time can lock down their costs and eliminate any variability in price changes. The unit costs for orders placed and scheduled will remain the same, and the only variation will depend on if the volume of parts changes from batch to batch, thus allowing for more effective budget allocation.

Additional benefits of these new features include:

  • Access to cheaper trade rates on our new Trade Tariff.
  • Schedule regular or irregular call off orders over a year.
  • Lock in a unit cost over multiple future call off orders.
  • Set custom delivery dates.
  • Upload one single purchase order or multiple purchase orders for each scheduled date.
  • Place orders by uploading a purchase order directly through the quote.
  • Manage cashflow with invoicing per delivery.
  • 30 days interest FREE credit as standard.

For any regular 3DPRINTUK customers that are not yet a trade account holder, you can speak with a member of our team today to discover the benefits that it can bring to your business.