Helmholtz Exhibition at the Roundhouse

The variety of projects we get asked to take part in is one of the major perks of our work. When we were asked to get involved in this project at the world famous Roundhouse in Camden, there was no way we were going to miss it!


Helmholtz was the result of investigations into the human perception of sound and space by the guys at Wintour’s Leap. It was a lattice of LED elements spaced throughout an exhibition space. Individual LED lights could be triggered by sound, and would send great waves of light travelling across the room.

The different sound sculptures and installations allowed the audience to experiment with their environment, and the changing patterns of light and shadow gave the sense of being immersed in a space sensitive to sound. The smallest whisper would causes the lights to stir and loud claps invoke waves of light cascading across the room.

It was all part of Imogen Heap’s ‘Reverb’ project back in August 2014. Of course we weren’t going to miss an exhibition as cool as this, and when we went down to the Roundhouse we weren’t disappointed with the results, especially seeing the run of 400 pairs of LED cases we printed come to life.

Project Details

CAD Design: TouchPress

Material: PA2200

Polishing: No

Dyeing: No

Finishing: No

Project cost: Just under £10 per unit